Quit smoking permanently so you can enjoy life as a non-smoker. Hypnotherapy for smoking makes it easier for you to overcome this habit. During the sessions, you will be asked to imagine unpleasant things about smoking. For example, smoking leaves the mouth feeling parched, or cigarette smoke smells like truck exhaust.

Leadership Coaching and Sport Motivation

I Have extensive experience in coaching leadership and sport motivation and have coaching qualifications in orienteering, triathlon, Nordic Ski-Ing, mountain leadership and Survival and as a  former physical training instructor in the services and with the Commando,s I can uses solution focused therapy to help you achieve your goals and desired outcomes.

Glenn Catley is a British retired professional boxer and former World Champion in the Super Middleweight division used solution focused hypnotherapy to support him along his journey to become a World Champion and he is an inspirational boxer and speaker.

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